DBC Ambassador Program

The DBC Ambassador program provides an opportunity for those passionate about promoting progressive dog training and behavior education on a wider scale to share the Positively mission through increased awareness of the Dog Behavior Conference.

Ambassadors are provided with a unique web address they can share with their online audiences, as well as a suite of materials designed to help them describe the unique and powerful nature of the DBC experience.

As an added benefit, Ambassadors will receive $10 (USD) for every paid DBC registration which originates from the Ambassador’s unique DBC web address.

How do I become a DBC Ambassador?
Create a free DBC Ambassador account here. Follow the prompts to set up your account, then use the custom web address URL provided to you on your DBC Ambassador Dashboard to share with those you feel might benefit from attending the DBC.

What materials do I get as an Ambassador?
After setting up your DBC Ambassador account, you’ll be given a link to download various materials including the DBC logo, schedule, speaker presentations and bios, flyers, as well as sample social media posts and email text you can customize and use when sharing with your online audiences.

How much can I earn?
Ambassadors will receive $10 (USD) for each paid DBC registration which originates from the custom link they share with others. To be eligible to earn the referral fee, a registrant must visit the DBC website using the Ambassador’s unique code before initiating the DBC checkout process.

How and when will I get paid?
Ambassadors will be paid their referral fees in one lump sum within 30 days of the DBC event (April 1-3, 2022). Payments will only be made via PayPal using the PayPal email address provided during the Ambassador setup process.

Who can become a DBC Ambassador?
Anyone who is passionate about supporting progressive, humane, force/fear/intimidation-free dog training methods and philosophies. Oh, and you need to have (or create a new) PayPal account.

What if I have questions?
Email us at [email protected].


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