Fundamentals of Dog Training & Behavior Course

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VSA’s Fundamentals of Dog Training & Behavior course is designed for both dog owners and aspiring professional dog trainers. This 10-hour course taught by Victoria and other VSA faculty provides a strong foundational understanding of how dogs think, feel and learn to make you a better trainer for your own dog. It also sets the stage perfectly for further learning if you decide you’re ready to work with dogs for a living.

Either way, the Fundamentals course is your gateway to a richer understanding of dogs and canine behavior, and you’ll get a full refund of this course’s tuition if you choose to enroll in the Dog Trainer Course later!


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The Fundamentals of Dog Training & Behavior Course includes:

Introduction to Positive Training

Victoria lays out the case for why the way we train our dogs is so important.

Understanding Your Dog

We can’t train our dogs until we’ve built an effective line of communication.

Training Your Dog

Exploring the nuts and bolts of the magic of effective positive dog training.

Get a full refund of your Fundamentals Course tuition if you choose to enroll in the Dog Trainer Course later!

Graduates of VSA’s Fundamentals course earn Continuing Education Units (CEUs) through various credentialing organizations. For more info about CEU’s please contact VSA.

Introduction to Positive Training

This module includes an orientation to VSA’s Student Learning Center and then digs straight into the building blocks of dog training. Led by Victoria herself, this module sets the stage for a powerful learning experience through rich, 100% instructor-led HD video lessons.

Understanding Your Dog

Beginning with an exploration of the canine senses, brain and cognition, this module then shifts to the ‘Learning to Speak Dog’ chapter where you’ll learn how dogs communicate and ways to more clearly ‘read’ your dog. Finally you make the final preparations for active training in the ‘Keys to Successful Training’ chapter during which you’ll hear from Victoria on one of her favorite dog training topics: the power of choice.

Dog Training Foundations

This is where the rubber meets the road and you begin applying everything you’ve learned to make positive changes in your dog’s behavior. By focusing on a clear and user-friendly path to training success, you’ll be guided to the finish line where you’ll be prepared to tackle challenging behaviors and provide the most enriching experience for your dogs moving forward.

Sneak Peek

You’ll also find a bonus sneak peek of VSA’s flagship Dog Trainer Course (including its In-Person Track), featuring sample lessons and behind-the-curtain looks at what makes the VSA learning experience so different.

Ready to Start Your Journey?

Victoria built the Fundamentals course so that dog owners and future dog trainers could get access to the foundational skills and knowledge they need to ensure they have the richest possible life with their dogs

Join Victoria on this initial step into the fascinating world of dog training and behavior.

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