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Dog Trainer Courses for Every Level

The Victoria Stilwell Academy provides dog training learning experiences for all skill and experience levels. Whether you want to become a better trainer of your own dogs or are ready to start your journey towards working with dogs professionally, VSA’s course offerings have something for everyone.

Fundamentals of Dog Training & Behavior Course

Build a solid foundational understanding about how dogs think, feel and learn to make yourself a better trainer for your dog while setting the stage for advanced learning.


Dog Trainer Course

Experience the industry’s most comprehensive professional dog trainer curriculum and graduate ready to start your own successful business without leaving home and at your own pace.


DTC In-Person Track

Become a professional dog trainer through our premier learning experience featuring VSA’s unique hybrid learning models: in-person, online lessons, live Cyber Classes, and local mentorship.


Full refund of Fundamentals Course tuition after enrolling in the Dog Trainer Course!

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Test-drive VSA’s robust digital e-learning platform with the free Starter Course Building Your Dog’s Confidence and learn why canine confidence is an important indicator of your dog’s overall emotional health.

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