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Whether you’re a dog lover looking for help with your own dog, or an aspiring (or current) pet professional ready to supercharge your knowledge and dog trainer certification, VSA has courses for you. Elite dog training education is available through VSA no matter where you live, how much your budget is, and what your goals are as a dog trainer.

Read the descriptions below for everything from our free Starter Course to the flagship professional Dog Trainer Course.

Starter Course: Building Your Dog’s Confidence

Discover Victoria’s powerful online learning style and learn the keys to helping your dog develop and maintain the confidence required to live the most enriched, fulfilling life possible together.


Fundamentals of Dog Training & Behavior Course

Build a solid foundational understanding about how dogs think, feel and learn to make yourself a better trainer for your dog while setting the stage for advanced learning.


Follow Your Passion - VSA's Dog Trainer Course

Dog Trainer Course (with optional In-Person Track)

Become an elite certified dog trainer by harnessing the power of the industry’s most powerful and dynamic learning experience. Choose the flagship online-only curriculum and/or add the in-person learning option.


Full refund of Fundamentals Course tuition after enrolling in the Dog Trainer Course!

Try Before You Buy

Test-drive VSA’s robust online learning platform with the free Starter Course Building Your Dog’s Confidence and learn why canine confidence is an important indicator of your dog’s overall emotional health.

My time as an online faculty advisor for the Victoria Stilwell Academy has been incredible! It allows me the pleasure of working with many amazing students who are eager to learn and become part of the positive, force-free dog training community. The hours are very flexible and manageable and I find myself thoroughly enjoying each and every meeting with my students. It’s fascinating to learn each of their unique stories and their plans for their future in the pet profession and I’m proud and honored to know that I can be a part of their journey. Having the opportunity to assist such a bright group of driven individuals who already understand the importance of positive, humane training is utterly refreshing. I have formed lasting friendships with many of my students and as they grow their individual businesses, it has been a joy to follow their success in helping dogs and their guardians all around the country through the power of positive training.

Tiffany Lovell

VSA Dog Trainer Course Faculty Advisor

Free Starter Course: Building Your Dog's Confidence

* Available to Dog Trainer Course students also enrolled in the add-on In-Person Track

Test-Drive the VSA Experience!

Enroll in VSA’s free Starter Course Building Your Dog’s Confidence to experience the VSA online learning platform.


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