These are unprecedented times, yet not only is VSA open for business to help make the world better for dogs, we’re also mobilized and ready to assist our students every way we can. To learn more, watch this video from VSA founder and president, Victoria Stilwell.

What VSA is doing to help during the pandemic:

Staying Open

VSA is a leader in providing premium courses that are largely (if not completely) online, and our programs of instruction are specifically designed to remain flexible enough to support your particular situation while not compromising on the power of our learning process. We’re here to help you achieve your goals, no matter what challenges may come.

VSA Enhanced Financing Plan

While students may have more time at home to devote to their VSA courses, we understand that the current unprecedented economic climate may be creating difficulty when it comes to personal finances. As a result, VSA developed a unique 12-month financing plan to help students through this difficult time.

Waived Application Fee

Until further notice, the $99 Dog Trainer Course application fee is now waived for all new applicants.

Climb Credit Hardship Forbearance

For those students financing their VSA education through Climb Credit, they are eligible for a new 60-day forbearance allowing them to postpone all loan payments for 2 months. Note that forbearance requests must be made before April 15, 2020. Click here for more information from Climb.

50% Off Fundamentals Course Tuition

Tuition for VSA’s Fundamentals of Dog Training & Behavior Course is now 50% off for all users until further notice. This represents the largest discount every available for the course, making the tuition for lifetime access just $149. To get the 50% discount, use promo code TOGETHER at checkout. Click here for information about the Fundamentals course.

Free Webinars and Resources

VSA is providing a series of live and recorded webinars (including content regarding virus-related topics) free of charge. View available webinars here.

Key Information

The VSA newsletter will be regularly providing free updates, tips and content to help aspiring pet professionals cope during this time, while the Positively Newsletter will continue providing timely content for dog owners. Join the newsletter here.

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