Professor Daniel Mills

Professor Daniel Mills

Professor Daniel Mills is a RCVS, European and ASAB recognized specialist in clinical animal behaviour, who has been developing and exploring new interventions for behaviour problems at University of Lincoln for over 20 years. This includes physical aids such as the use of semiochemicals to control the emotional reaction of animals (pheromonatherapy) and the welfare impact of different training regimes. He has a strong research interest in the comparative psychology underpinning behaviour and behavioural interventions, with a particular interest in what makes an individual different and how this arises from their interaction with the environment. To this end, he has been exploring how we can more reliably assess the emotional state of an animal in real-world settings.

More recently he has had opportunities to scientifically explore his interests in the potential value of our relationships with animals. His research in this area focuses on the benefits of companion animals using a multidisciplinary approach, for example through collaborations with biologists, health care professionals, psychologists, lawyers and economists.

Daniel consults at the specialist behaviour referral clinic and teaches on both undergraduate programmes and the MSc in clinical animal behaviour offered at the University of Lincoln.


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June 30, 2015

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